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The Freelander Os

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oday i start disassemble my donor diffSmile

All cover bolts unscrew easy. After remove them all I need to cut of diff cover (it's sealed by RTV sealant)

After removing the cover, we've got interials.

New type with large ball bearings.

Crown wheel looks very good in my opinion. I think that i can keep it for new build.

In general it's good. Work plan :

  • Diff casing will be refurbished, diff cover will be sandblasted and painted again
  • New cover bolts
  • New bearings all around with new simmerings
  • New complete flange

Stay Tuned Twisted Evil


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Some winter photoshot

This was taken when some snow storm comes through...

Updated January 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM


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Fabulous pics, proper snow. What tyres are you using and how did they cope?

Defender 110 CSW 200TDi 'Gordon'
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire 4X4 Response
Not here long so 'do it while you can'. 'Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero'


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Tires are Matador MP71 205/80/16 . Those are mid agressive A/T's.  Works great on snow/sand and everyday use. Good traction, well braking Smile


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Small update time :

I need to replace all rear bushes... Sad , new suspension damage ALL... so now i got all new genuine Wink
Also rear diff mounts was damaged too...

that was a bad news because i replace diff soon and it will be have new polyurethane mounts. So i bought the cheapest (britpart) that i found on local market - they need to hold on only 6 months Wink

All replaced and silence goes back to the rear Smile.

Meanwhile some packages with new interior stuff was delivered

I change the interior colors. All "green" elements will be replaced for black ones to match new black/smokestone interior.

here we got one of new vents:

We have reserved term for SD Roll cage installation. It will start on 15th April 2013 and it's planned for 3-4 working days. I will try to make an Live updates from working days Smile
So i got about a month and half to make some preparations :

- New headliner must be done. It will be have removed holes for sun visors mountings (no longer fixed to roof)
- Roof soundproofing must be fitted
- Waiting for Safety Devices 3point harness for driver and pilot
- New dashboard side walls need to be painted in black.

That's all for now.
Stay tuned Wink


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Here we got an update Smile

Deadline at 15th of April is coming so, some new stuff arrived :

First - new soundproofing for my roof. When cage will be fitted, access to roof panels will be almost impossible so I need to do this in right way. I will use two layer soundproofing. Roof have about 2.4 square meters so we need:

First layer (directly to roof sheet) is a thin 2mm butyl rubber mat with aluminum finish. It will bone roof panels, stop resonances and make some thermal isolation.

Second layer is a rubber foam. It have 7mm gauge and it's a main soundproofing layer. This is also a butyl rubber don't keep any moisture.

Next thing is a some nice gadgets from Safety Devices and Devon4x4 guys :

A little bit more safety stuff. Two sets of SD 3 point harness for driver and pilot.

Fully equipped by SD Cool

Quick mount bolt. Stock harness will stay on place, but if needed SD harness are road legal approved.

And we have some proper tool kit to dismount all interior without damaging panels.

So... now we wait for some small accessories only supplied by Brit-Car colleagues. On 3rd of April, FL's interior will be removed and soundproofing fitted, next on 8th April upholsterer will take care of headliner, should be ready for 12th , and on 15th the best part will be started Smile


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There's some really good stuff here but it's all gone quiet, what's the latest?


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There's some really good stuff here but it's all gone quiet, what's the latest?

welcome to the forum dajfiel and yes, good point. How's it going Winu 

Defender 110 CSW 200TDi 'Gordon'
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire 4X4 Response
Not here long so 'do it while you can'. 'Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero'


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Hi mates Smile . Yes it still going.

Below i put missed parts of build log

April 2012

Time to fit soundproof and remove interior trim  icon_twisted

Yesterday I went to my Friends  LR garage, and start removing interior.

Company was nice - TD5 tangiers orange 110 Defender in restoration smile

Last sight. Old 13 yrs interior. After all it never be look the same...

After half an hour with some tools interior looks like this  icon_twisted

After all side trims removed, old headliner went out, no any sights of original soundproof  Rolling Eyes

O, sunroof place, also complete wiring is there.

We've got some moisture from melting snow, so it's necessary to remove it...

And dry internal roof panels... So here we got an new model of cabin heater  big_smile

When roof was dry, clean it with pre-paint, and start to stick first layer of proofing - rubber with aluminum finish.

And after an hour looks like this.

So, its time to fit second layer - butyl foam.

That's how it look now. Headliner now is in upholstery, so i drive without interior trims tongue , almost like defender or series wink

To be continued on 15.04 when cage will be fitted.

Also, we try up to fit new harness
Fit's perfectly. It will be look great with black leather seats with red stitching  Cool

photos from DAY 1 - 15.04.2012  of cage install.

Interior removing



Floor all around is healthy. I got only two, three spots with little corrosion signs. Mainly around seat belts anchor on drivers side. Nothing serious. We remove it when new anti corrosion jobs will do after cage mounts welding.


Roll cage before assembly

First try-out of rear hoop

Fit like a glove

Our perfect manufacturer

Some cutting will be needed

So, let's cut

Front roll cage leg goes though dashboard

We repeat this on opposite site of dash and...
Roll cage is assembled inside Freelander, but not welded yet. Now we need to fit dash to front legs, and weld mounting anchors / bolt holes in the floor

And here it is smile


Front row, driver's and passenger seats.
No sun visors attached yet, also few blank/plugs are missing for now

"B" post above driver's and passenger heads

"C" Post above rear passengers heads

"D" Post in luggage compartment
Roller blind still operational after moving fixing points a little bit back.

View from rear side glass smile

Some details need to be refine: trim cutting places, harness install - will be done in next few days... Then I'll show how it looks with details.

Impressions after first drive ?
Car now is very stiff, cornering is a great pleasure when step on it  icon_twisted , all sounds of body/interior (creak/squeak/vibrations) are gone now.  big_smile

Next step is interior trim renew... but it take a while... and we make some engine mods to increase HP/Torque.

Special Thanks to:
-> Karol Zarycki & - Assembly & Fitting service.
-> - Garage lend for dissemble & soundproofing
-> - Jake Lloyd & Sarah Hill - Supply and transport.
-> Safety Devices Ltd -> Support & Production.

After few miles in FL with fitted roll cage , larger wheels ect i have some conclusions:

-Brakes are not well...
-Acceleration is hmmm... what acceleration ?
-Top speed is about 120 km/h

So...  Rolling Eyes

We need a good brake set. New setup will include BTO Nitrac grooved brake rotors with Black Diamond Predator pads and Stainless Steel brake pipes.

When i will be able to stop  lol time to make some acceleration
To achieve this  we use a new one Garret GT1540 turbocharger


with solid Stainless Steel boost pipes:

Also we need some boost controller to set higher boost -> 19 PSI constant/21 PSI Peak.
Fit some new injectors with RonBOX Vp37 controlled ECM, another few little things with exhaust.  Expected power should be about 130 bhp. Engine can handle up to 150 bhp. Also few little gadgets are needed like EGT monitoring ect.

So, let's start the job under the hood and remove all that old stuff:

Fans removed, fuel cooler removed, now we got access to lower boost pipe and intercooler/engine cooler

To be continued.

In meanwhile we back to interior. Some electric jobs to do, interior trim, additional gadgets are needed to make safe tuning

New engine coolant gauge and harness fixing points

Also, my rims are now in powder coating. Final result will be a black super gloss paint from new Range Rover

But my calipers will be yellow like other small things.

See ya soon  cool

Rims in black super gloss big_smile




Java black must shine

Harness fitted for both - Driver and Co-Driver


Sun Visiors fitted to Roll Cage

JUNE 2013

Finally back with all rims in black gloss and yellow calipers big_smile :






Now i need to wait for my new wheel nuts icon_twisted

Remember gift received in winter from one of LR dealer's ? (two genuie LRSV badges) Time to put it at the right place:


For many people this is only a plastic badge - they have right... but for me personally in a way this is a kind of award. A little symbol from good people which liked this project... big_smile


My FL was shown in Land Rover Monthy - British land rover owners magazine big_smile big_smile




- Winch bracket is ready - My friend John design and made it. We fit it on spring smile
This is powerfull and light construction, weight just about 1.5 Kg more than stock bumper (without winch). Designed for short drum winches. When that kind of winch will be fitted and equipped with synthetic rope total weight will be about +20 Kg.

- One of two SS boost hoses is finished
That is bottom hose (Turbocharger -> IC) it was made by my Friend Simon from ASA Fabrication, now he works on top hose.

-And some engine shine



Updated February 8, 2014 at 9:30 PM


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Very very interesting, thanks Arrow

Defender 110 CSW 200TDi 'Gordon'
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire 4X4 Response
Not here long so 'do it while you can'. 'Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero'


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Remember me ?

So OS is almost finished. Now we need just few finish touches.

Under the bonnet:

Few words about mods:

  • Full steel boost system piping . No more rubber Wink . Custom made by Asa Fabrication.
  • Boost pressure is no 19 PSI constant and 21 PSI Peak
  • New IRD and HD Clutch fitted.


  • Complete full grain black leather with contrast red stitch - as planed
  • Dual color interior (black and bege)
  • Added an EGT Gauge

Latest adds:

New turbocharger with refurbished manifolds - exhaust and inlet . Turbo is polished to match boost pipes.

Part of an inlet manifold - in black structure paint. Will look cool on polished cam cover Smile


Last big job is fitting a winch . Stay tuned Smile . But now i got two projects, few words about second one in other topic Smile



Updated April 1, 2015 at 8:42 PM


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Great build, it's nice to see it's been updated since the last post. The underbody protection installed looks good, I especially like the lift. That's a LOT of detailed mods/repairs since 2012. Whew!


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wow, that is a stunning vehicle Winu, well done Arrow

Defender 110 CSW 200TDi 'Gordon'
North Yorkshire
Yorkshire 4X4 Response
Not here long so 'do it while you can'. 'Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero'

The Freelander Os
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