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Discovery Engine Trouble

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My land rover discovery es auto 1998 tdi has a problem it drives as normal up-to 3000 revs seems to hold  back and builds up revs in stages up-to full revs seems to full revs seems ok on motorway and hills etc up-to 3000 revs  have changed  fuel filter and cleaned water trap etc still same Arrow Arrow Arrow

any thoughts  that could help

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What does it start like and run like for the first few hundered yards ?


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes


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Air leak into the fuel system?  Check fuel pipe elbows on the top of the tank.


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Had the same problem, check the pipes coming off the wastegate modulator for splits. Mine appeared fine but i still replaced them.

I also replaced the Modulator.


Runs perfect now

Nanocom evo 2, equipped


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Have a read of this:

Nanocom evo 2, equipped

Discovery Engine Trouble
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