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by Ed Evans, 7th November 2016

12 tools every Land Rover owner should have

PRICE: £228  


A workshop bench is essential as a place to lay out your tools or for stripping components. The Big Dug 400HD mobile work bench provides all this with its sturdy worktop and full-length storage shelf beneath, allowing an efficient working system as assemblies are dismantled on top and the individual parts safely stored underneath where they are immediately to hand. Also available with castor wheels.
Web: www.bigdug.co.uk
Tel: 0800 161 5656

PRICE: £80.34

Dragging yourself under a Land Rover by laying on your back and grabbing the chassis is only slightly easier than wriggling your way back out again. With Draper’s Mechanic’s Car Creeper and Seat, you can lay back on a comfortable padded base and scoot under and out from the vehicle with a push of your foot. And when you are ready for a mug of tea, the creeper folds up to provide a convenient stool.Web: www.drapertools.com

PRICE: £3.99


We have all dropped a small component, nut or bolt down into the engine bay. To save scratting around underneath to reach the lost item, using a magnetic tool is the quick way to retrieve the situation. The Rolson Magnetic LED Pick-up Tool is perfect and as the name suggests, incorporates a switchable LED light which is simply indispensable.
Web: www.halfords.com

FROM: £158


A good multimeter is an indispensable tool for diagnosing Land Rover electrical faults, whether on a late vehicle or a classic. The Sealey TA304 is a top-end tool and, although priced higher than many, you get what you pay for. The Sealey is one of the most comprehensively spec’d multimeters that you can buy and comes in a tough protective case.
Web: www.tool-net.co.uk

PRICE: £52


If ever there was a plug and play battery charger, it’s the Ring RSC612. Connect up this multi-stage smart-charger, switch on and the charger does the rest. This unit will restore a sulphated battery, and the combined battery analyser will test the state of the battery before and after charging and the vehicle’s charging system. It can also save the vehicle settings when the battery needs to 
be removed. 

Web: www.maplin.co.uk

PRICE: £159


Sockets need to be of high quality, otherwise the internal grip can wear, leading to damaged nuts and bolt heads, or personal injury if the tool slips off. This 32-piece half-inch drive combined metric and imperial set will cover most jobs on a Land Rover, and it includes the universal joint, extension bars and breaker bar to release the tightest and most inaccessible fasteners.
Web: www.sealey.co.uk 

PRICE: £299


Land Rovers from the early 1990s onwards demand some level of electronic diagnosis, and the later the model, the more essential a comprehensive diagnostic tool becomes. The Lynx Diagnostic Interface (DA6430) connects your Land Rover’s electronic systems to a Windows-based laptop or tablet, allowing you to programme body electronics settings, configure new components and, importantly, record live data.
Web: www.britpart.co.uk 

FROM: £78


Correct tightening of components and fasteners ensures safety and reliability. Fastners work loose and gaskets leak if not tightened to Land Rover’s calculated torque values. Clarke’s PRO237 is a half-inch drive digital electronic torque wrench which promotes accurate tightening when fitted with your half-inch drive sockets. It’s torque range (from 20 to 200 Nm) is ideal for handling Land Rover jobs.
Web: www.machinemart.co.uk

PRICE: £115


To lift a Land Rover you need a heavy-duty trolley jack, and this Kennedy jack is rated to three tonnes. It’s quick to use, thanks to it’s foot-operated lift lever that brings the saddle up to contact the vehicle before you start pumping to raise. It’s simple and straightforward to use and has a good height reach which is needed with our vehicles. Front rollers and rear castors ensure manoeuvrability on a level and firm workshop floor.
Web: www.cromwell.co.uk 

FROM: £13.49


Although two sizes of each screwdriver bit are included, the chuck will take other driver bits including Torx used on later models. A careful blow with a heavy hammer presses the tool into the screw head while at the same time rotating the bit, helping prevent damage to the screw head. Pull off the chuck, and the half-inch drive is exposed, to which sockets can be attached to deal with extra tight nuts and bolts.
Web: www.frost.co.uk

PRICE: £364 (A PAIR)


A set of wheel dollies is a boon if you’re rebuilding or restoring a Land Rover. Ideally you need two pairs, one for each axle. With the vehicle or rolling chassis sat on four dollies, you can easily push it in any direction around the workshop, or even turn the vehicle turntable style. The Draper Expert Wheel Dollies are rated at 454 kg each, but heavier duty options are also available.
Web: www.workshopping.co.uk 

PRICE: £90


Tools need to be looked after, and to be placed where you can always find them next time there’s a job on. The Clarke CTB5C tool chest and cabinet makes a great starter-sized unit when equipping your workshop and when you need a bigger unit, it serves as a lightweight wheeled cabinet and drawer set to help you when you’re working.
Web: www.machinemart.co.uk 

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