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26th May 2016

Jaguar Land Rover has reported its best ever April retail sales for the fourth consecutive record-breaking month.

41,341 Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles were sold in April 2016, up 11% on the same statistics 12 months previous. In total, the company sold 200,154 vehicles in the first four months of 2016, 24% up on the same period in the prior year.
Retail sales for the month of April were up year-on-year across all regions: 25% in the UK, 11% in China, 10% in Europe and 2% in North America.  Other Overseas markets were up 5% year-on-year.
The best-sellers in the fourth month of 2016 were left to Land Rover, with the Discovery Sport, retailing 9,422 vehicles, and the Range Rover Evoque retailing 8,293 cars. Calendar year-to-date sales for Land Rover reached 162,307 vehicles, 19% up on the prior year.
Commenting on the performance, Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director said: “This is a positive start to our second quarter sales and continues the growth trend seen in the first three months of the year.
“We’re seeing the progressive impact of the all-new Discovery Sport, with approaching 44,000 cars sold in the first four months of this year. "

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