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by Louise Woodhams, 3rd April 2017

JLR and Getty partner to change the image of women in the workplace

In light of International Women’s Day, Jaguar Land Rover joined forces with Getty Images in a project to change the perceptions on women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers. The number of people searching online for images of women in STEM careers has increased by 526 per cent over the past year, yet results are often outdated and don’t reflect today’s varied roles. This partnership aims to change that. Pictures released by the car manufacturer and stock photo agency, show women in a variety of STEM roles from aerodynamics to cyber and audio engineering. They are intended to encourage more women to apply for these jobs in the modern workplace. Fiona Pargeter, JLR Global PR Communications Director, said: “We are committed to inspiring more women to consider careers in engineering and manufacturing. Our female workforce has grown from nine to 11 per cent over the past four years due to our focused STEM initiatives. But this is still far too low – businesses being proactive about using realistic imagery are one of the many ways that we can attract the bright minds we need into STEM careers.”

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