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DISCOVERY 4 (2009 - PRESENT) buying guides


by Ed Evans, 5th September 2016

Although from the outside it looks like it's predecessor, even sharing a few body panels, under the skin this a very different animal altogether.


It looks similar, but the Discovery 4 is more than just a facelift on Discovery 3. The 3-litre twin-turbo diesel adds more performance and economy (early D4 had optional 2.7 engine). Even the basic specification D4 is a well appointed vehicle with a high quality interior space, and it only gets better after that. For 2010, the 3.0-litre diesel gained an extra 34bhp and all diesel engines were fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).


The engine performance should be sparkly. It benefits from being used properly, both in regenerating the DPF and in keeping the twin turbo system healthy. Unless the vehicle has been used only for the school run, the DPF is not a problem unless there’s a warning on 
the dash. Listen for knocks when driving over rough surfaces and when braking and when accelerating from low speed, suggesting suspension bushes are ready for renewal. Rear end knocks may need new anti-roll bar bushes. Replacement of the suspension bushes needs to be followed up with a four-wheel alignment. Even tyre wear suggests bushes and alignment 
are acceptable. Check the operation of low range, suspension settings and the park brake. The wheel brakes should be very responsive.


This is the model that caught up with the Range Rover in quality and refinement, even if the latest Range Rovers have moved on again. Interior is significantly improved over D3 with a more aesthetic and practical facia and centre console with controls more ergonomically positioned and more easily recognisable. Packed with reliable electronic safety systems and with handling to match the performance, it is the ultimate evolution of Discovery.


If you can find one with a poor service history, then avoid it. Otherwise, there are no reasons not to have one.


D4: 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel,
244 bhp,
442 lb-ft torque.


Average: £17000 – £20000
Good: £20000 – £25,000
Excellent: £25,000 – £60,000

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