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by Louise Woodhams, 18th November 2016

Here’s our ten upgrades that will help make your classic Land Rover easier to live with  

FROM: £229


The electronic park brake system is fitted to every current model of Land Rover except, of course, the Defender where too much re-design would be involved, and while there’s nothing wrong with a good old handbrake lever, improvements could be made. Available for the Series I, II and III (as pictured, DA5537) and all Defenders, Britpart’s handbrake conversion kits do a good job of beefing up the standard part. To find your nearest stockist go to the website.
Web: www.britpart.com

FROM: £495


One of the worst features of any Series vehicle is the bone-jarring ride, thanks in no part to the multi-leaf springs and oil-filled dampers. They also tend to deteriorate badly with age as rust forms between the spring leaves and stops them sliding smoothly against each other, which locks the springs solid. So if you want to avoid an MoT fail we recommend you upgrade to a Bearmach parabolic spring kit from Glencoyne Engineering. The kit is pretty comprehensive and includes heavy-duty dampers, U bolts, shackle plates and springs.
Web: www.glencoyneengineeringltd.com
Tel: 01953 888731

FROM: £1700


With over four decades of experience in restoring, maintaining and servicing Series II vehicles, Pegasus Parts decided to put their experience to good use. Taking two years to reverse-engineer, using state-of-the-art CAD and laser cutting tech, their bulkheads are manufactured from all-new parts and assembled to more accurate tolerances than the originals. Orders are also now being taken for Series III bulkheads.
Web: www.pegasusparts.co.uk/
Tel: 01737 764377

PRICE: £150


This modern replacement starter from STARTREX can be installed on all petrol powered Series Land Rovers. It’s compact in design but develops more torque than the original. It features a built-on solenoid and pre-engages on the front of the ring gear. As it uses considerably less power than the original Lucas starter, voltage drop is reduce thereby giving a hotter spark and faster cranking.
Web: http://rockymountainspares.co.uk
Tel: 01476 563525

PRICE: £1550


ROAMERDRIVE overdrive units available from your nearest Britpart stockist can be installed on most Series and Defender models of Land Rover. The overdrive adds an optional top gear to the vehicle that is 28 per cent higher than normal. This greatly improves fuel economy and makes long distance driving a much quieter and more relaxing experience. The overdrive is engaged using a simple hand lever.
Web: www.britpart.com 

ROM: £300


These aluminium, dual sliding door tops from Rocky Mountain Spares are a revolutionary solution to the problem of Series door tops disintegrating – they are far superior to the flimsy original steel ones and a worthwhile investment for any owner. What’s more the frames are far stiffer than the originals so they press evenly on the weather strip preventing draughts and leaks.
Web: http://rockymountainspares.co.uk

PRICE: £85


ROAMERDRIVE transfer case coolers are available for both Series and Defender models and replace the flimsy cover on the bottom of the transfer case with a heavy-duty finned sump that aids in cooling the entire drivetrain. The SX model will fit any SI, II or III with a four- or six-cylinder engine, while the DX (pictured) will fit any diesel-powered Defender or Discovery with the 230 type transfer case.
Web: www.britpart.com

PRICE: £69.50


Keep the hot air in and the fumes out with this fume curtain from Britpart – an essential item for any owner of a soft top Series or Defender Land Rover, especially during those chilly winter mornings. It fits between the vehicle’s front cab and rear tub and locates over the front hood stick (which isn’t included) resting on the bulkhead.
Web: www.britpart.com

PRICE: £203.40


These new Hi-Back EXTREME MKII seats with adjustable headrest and large rear pockets fit straight onto the existing mountings of the earlier Series and MOD Defenders. Offering much needed support from the old leaf-spring ride, in addition they can also be fitted pneumatic back lumbers and internal seat heaters. Available in a wide range of colours with colour-coded piping on request.
Web: www.exmoortrim.co.uk

PRICE: £408


Old Series Land Rovers and Defenders are noisy, so if you’d rather not have to turn up your stereo to solve the problem then you might want to think about installing acoustic moulded matting system from Wright Off-Road. It consists of a one-piece cast polyurethane mat covering the floors, footwells and transmission tunnel, and another piece which covers the seatbox.
Web: www.exmoortrim.co.uk

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