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by Joe Diamond, 11th May 2016

Land Rover helped make Mother’s Day extra special for one mum this year thanks to a uniquely designed Discovery Sport.

The Lipton family live just ten miles away from Land Rover’s Halewood plant on Merseyside, and were treated to free reign of 100,000th Disco Sport to be built at the factory, all in aid of mum, Natalie Lipton.

Land Rover went undercover with Natalie’s sons, 7-year-old Jacob and 5-year-old Noah, to find out just how this car could be made even more special for their mum. The results of Land Rover’s undercover operation mean that Natalie now has a Disco Sport complete with personalised seatback tidies, treadplates embellished with ‘The Liptons’, child seats and rear seat entertainment screens with Noah and Jacob’s name stitched on in their own handwriting. Natalie also received a personalised scarf and picnic blanket, a signed cookbook from James Martin, and a key-ring with a favourite family snap.

Paul Cleaver, Discovery Sport Vehicle Programme Director, said: “It’s fantastic that the Discovery Sport has reached this significant milestone. And to know that this 
car has resonated with customers across the world is a testament to the whole team involved in its creation and delivery. “It truly is a versatile family car so it’s fitting that we are celebrating with such a special project from the Land Rover family to the Lipton family. It was fantastic meeting both Noah and Jacob, they were enthusiastic, energetic and full of great ideas – definitely budding future car designers!”

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