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When it comes to Range Rover Classic there is plenty of choice from the highly-prized early two-door coil-sprung models to the well-appointed and electronic fuel-injected air suspension variants. Early vehicles had the 3.5-litre Rover V8 carburettor engine which was superseded in 1984 by electronic fuel injection and later enlarged to 3.9 and 4.2-litres in the LSE long wheelbase model. Three diesel engines were fitted: the Italian 2.4-litre VM unit with its unusual individual cylinder head design, and the more practical and dependable 200Tdi and 300Tdi Land Rover units, though all diesels give good, if relatively slow, service.


Interior trim is important, so check for damage, including the headlining, which tends to sag. Check the chassis for rust, but the main rust issue is in the body structure: A-posts, B-posts and the door shuts, rear tailgate, rear load floor, sills, inner wings and underbody. Be wary of LPG conversions, unless certified and serviced. V8 engines like oil changes, so look for a good service record and a quiet top end soon after start-up. A noisy top end may need a new camshaft and valve gear. Later models received more electrical gadgets which all need to be tested before buying. Noise from below needs new bushes and joints to cure, but check for transmission wear/noises, too.


These early first-generation Range Rovers are now all recognised classics so, although many examples are still needing work, there is good reason to invest time and money in them. They are still a very practical family car and, as ever, a totally capable off-roader.


V8 engines are thirsty, and diesels feel a tad slow in the Range Rover, though 300Tdi is the best option. Body rot can be expensive to repair, and bodged air suspension systems likewise. Non-standard engine conversions now detract seriously from the price because they reduce the classic status of the vehicle.


1971-1983: 3.5-litre V8, 125 bhp, 185 lb-ft torque.
1986-on 3.5 EFi: 165 bhp, 206 lb-ft.
1989-1996: 3.9 EFi V8, 185 bhp, 235 lb-ft or 4.2, 200 bhp.
1986-1992: 2.4 VM turbo diesel, 112 bhp, 183 lb-ft, later 119 bhp 2.5 Tdi.


Project: £1800 – £3100
Average: £3100 – £5200
Good: £5200 – £7500
Excellent: £7500 – £100,000+
Last updated: 5th Sep 2016
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Range Rover Classic for sale

Range Rover Classic
4950 15000 GBP
  • Range Rover Classic

    • pre 1900
    • 48000 mi
    • Petrol

    Extended w/base 133" Range Rover Westbury 33" by Glenfrome of Bristol UK. 15.05.1988 build date (Sol...

  • £15,000
  • 1 of 12
  • Range Rover Classic

    • 1992
    • 165000 mi
    • Diesel

    - Range Rover Classic 2 Door - 2500cc Turbo Diesel 119 Bhp - First registered 08/1992 with cha...

  • £7,995
  • 1 of 9
  • Range Rover Classic

    • 1990
    • 122441 mi
    • Petrol

    Range Rover Classic 3.9efi Vogue SE (LPG) MOT April 12th 2018 Plymouth Blue Owned last 12 years use...

  • £4,950

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