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EVOQUE (2011 - PRESENT) buying guides


by Ed Evans, 5th September 2016

The faster they build them, the faster they sell them. The Evoque is currently Land Rover's best seller.


It may have no visual resemblance, but mechanically the Evoque has a lot of the proven Freelander 2 running gear. It shares the 2.2-litre diesel and it’s also available with the improved SD4 diesel and the Si4 petrol, which is quite a goer. The nine-speed auto transmission introduced in 2014 provides a low ratio bottom gear that suits towing and some off-roading situations. Off-road capability is enhanced by improved torque apportionment to the rear wheels. Rear body styling is not to everyone’s taste and that shallow rear window compromises reversing vision, but overall, it’s a terrific looker. The high waistline gives a cossetted feeling, as if sitting low, which seems strange when driving off road. But the Evoque feels big from the driving seat, with that chunky Land Rover feel about it.


Check for good feedback from the steering, and that it self-centres smoothly. As with any new vehicle, there have been early engine running problems sorted by re-calibration, and a few seal leaks. These are not recurring issues, and all should by now have been sorted. Essentially, Evoque at least matches the reliability of Freelander 2. As always, look for a full service history with a main dealer or competent independent specialist, check absolutely everything works, and expect a 
good warranty. 


This vehicle is just good fun. Forget what the cynics said; it’s a drivers’ car on the road in petrol or diesel form and, despite low ground clearance and road-biased suspension the 4-wheel drive version puts in a respectable off-road performance. Yes, there’s a two-wheel drive option and that’s not to be sniffed at – simpler mechanicals, better fuel consumption, cheaper to buy. Stop/start is very efficient.


Slight torque steering is noticeable, especially on the diesel models. If you can cope with the glitzy instrument lighting, then there are no reasons to avoid an Evoque.


2.2-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel,
147 bhp or 197 bhp; 2-litre petrol,
237 bhp.
Six-speed manual or automatic gearbox,
nine-speed auto from 2014.
Two-wheel and four-wheel drive.


Average: £15,000 – £18,000
Good: £18,000 – £24,000
Excellent: £24,000 – £43,000

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