Discovery 3 Detachable Tow Bar - Check Yours!
Discovery 3 detachable tow bar - check yours!
December 14, 2011 3:19 PM  |  Posted By: LRMKev
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A very good friend of mine is in the process of trading in his Discovery 3 for a new one. He does a lot of heavy towing and had the 'heavy duty' bar with the reinforcing brackets running back to the chassis, and wanted to swap this over to his new vehicle.

Last weekend he took it off and was amazed to find the detachable bar's retaining pin was only half way in! Scary stuff on a vehicle which regularly tows heavy tractors around. Going by the link below, it looks like it isn't an uncommon problem so if you have a D3 and regularly tow, it's worth getting underneath and checking it out....

Views: 2517
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